A Boudicca Of Women

They met on a cold December night
The young and younger and old

Thoughts and the intricacies
Of words
Tucked behind ears
At the backs of heads
Waiting to escape
On tips of tongues
Tumbling forth
Fuelled by a punch
A sock knocker offer

Tears and love
Lives shared
Pains laid bare
Safe disclosures
Burning bright
As fireworks on the wind
Heard and seen
Admired for their ferocity
The beauty in a truth told

And an abandonment of fear
Left behind somewhere
On the M1
For the long-distance
Lorry drivers to spot
Sat cowering in its corner
Of the hard shoulder

Leaving only strength
A meeting of minds
The new collective;
A Boudicca Of Women
Changing the world
One joyous honest challenge at a time

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