On My Watch

On my watch
I’ll keep my peepers peeled
I’ll scrape the baton across the grounds
Marching the square by night
And by day

On my watch
Girls will
Live their lives freely
They will play
As they wish
Dress as they like
Learn what excites
Read what inspires
Write what they need
Speak as they choose
Love whom they love
Laugh freely and with abandon

Girls will
Grow without guilt
Develop without fear
Support one another
Be part of a collective of
Women who will

Live their lives freely
Play how they like
Dress as they wish
Learn all there is to learn
Read all there is to read
Write our future
Speak our past
Love their lives
Laugh at their good fortune

Women will be all that they can be
On my watch
On yours

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  1. bloggingdame says:

    Reblogged this on One Woman's Thoughts and commented:

    A poem over on my poetry blog.

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