The Clock

Tick – here she is; she’s out
Tock – you’ll never be alone; eyes forever on you
Tick – dress her in this
Tock – don’t wear that

It’s too short; a little lolita
It’s too long; a frigid bitch
It’s too short; provocative slut

Tick – get yourself an education
Tock – but know your limits
Tick – be a nurse not a doctor
Tock – be a Private not a General
Tick – be a PC not a Captain
Tock – reach the middle not the top

Tick – victim
Tock – asking for it
Tick – hysterical
Tock – so left on the shelf
Tick – become a mother

But not too soon, you shameful drain on resources
But not too late, you old mother Hubbard

Tick – don’t you dare age
Tock – stay forever young
Tick – slim down
Tock – tone up

Tick – carry the burden for all
Tock – never voice your anger
Tick – remain calm
Tock – composed
Tick – you’re nearly done
Tock – it’s nearly over




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