If The Shoe Fits

If the shoe fits?
I’ll go wear it
I’ll stamp and trample
Kick the crap out of that diatribe

In my stilettos
My knee high boots
My block heels
My high heels
My DMs
My pumps
My trainers
My boots
My steel toecaps
And my bare toes gripping the canvas

Step into the ring won’t you?
I’ll walk a mile in my shoes
All these shoes fit
A day by a day
I’ll wear them
Be those women

I’ll kick you with my toe cap
I’ll run at you in my pumps
I’ll stamp on you with my heels
I’ll stand tall
I’ll run you down
I’ll kick the sand in your eyes
I’ll destroy your words in print
I’ll high kick that smirk from your face

You’re not fit to lick these boots of mine
These boots made for walking
Are standing their ground

And this
This is my ground

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