My rocket ship shot higher
All the way past the moon
It left behind my world below
My escape coming soon

Goodbye to hatred
Apathy and fear
Goodbye to the patronizing
“Calm down dear”

Goodbye to expectation
From day one
Goodbye to disappointment
Farewell now, so long

I wave with zeal to a culture of rape
I say fuckoff to the constant and pervasive red tape
That stops convictions of the worst of the men
That lets them off with a “don’t do it again”

I’m zipping to the stars and I don’t look back
This world is a cesspool and one for the sack
I won’t miss the work or the unequal pay
I won’t miss the times that I couldn’t have my say
I won’t miss the cruelty
Tormenting and shame
I won’t miss the default position of blame

I will have regrets for a while I’m sure
The love for the women I know
Will endure
The kindness
The love and endless support
The beauty and pain in the battles they fought
I’ll miss them with every fibre that’s me
I’ll miss them as each star I passes will free
My mind and my body – out here at last

Into the great wide open so vast

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