Allies In Sheep’s Clothing

Oh would you look at that
You have my back But am I sure
You don’t want to jump it?

You’re my ally
My biggest fan You say
You hate to hear the women being talked over
Their views ignored
All said while Talking over
Ignoring Irony in action

You do
Very little
You say
So very much
You pay attention rarely
You hear but you don’t listen
The proof is in the actions
The jumping in and judging
The patronizing
Pithy little asides
The pick and choice of the best of the bunch
A popularity contest
Where no-one wins

If you are an ally
I hope we never fight a war
You’re not on my side
You’re in front
Leading the way
Looking down from your place
Up there
To my place
Down here

Experience matters
And all you’ve ever known is
Yes Of course
Consider it done

Consider us done

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